Home Care Software

The Smart Roster system is state of the art home care software that could save your organisation up to 80% of your administration costs. Whether you have one employee or two hundred, Smart Roster home care software can be tailored to your individual needs. It is a very simple to use windows based system that can be integrated into almost all existing staff rostering systems or databases, and is supplied with full training and support. The system can be supplied in a very basic but extremely effective format for those companies working with a tight budget, it can also be supplied in a format that can include NFC staff rostering and monitoring and many more advanced features. Please take a look at just some of the functions of our award winning homecare software.


1.       Cease a carer from a given date/time 

2.       Filter lists of shifts into workable groups

3.       Book holidays and calculate hours

4.       Change columns and form layouts to suit individual preferences

5.       Book a client off on respite

6.       View work by day or week

7.       Close or modify a service user package

8.       View, change and allocate by list or by wall chart

9.       Visually allocate against proffered carers

10.    Work with dedicated screens

11.    Roster according to carers preferred working times

12.    Easily produce reports from any information in the system

13.    Find carers who are qualified, approved and available

14.    Produce payroll and invoicing

15.    Lone worker safety feature

16.    Calculate mileage

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Screenshots from our award winning home Care Software

Wall chart screen allows you to locate staff at a glance


Easy to use daily planning screens

Open work related websites within the system

Smart Rosters home care software has advanced financial screens storing everything from pay bands to personal budgets






















Newcare builds in flexibility and ease of use to ensure that every user gains a productivity increase - even users use to other domiciliary staff rostering systems adapt very quickly.


We are experts in providing Domiciliary Care Software.

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